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BeitragThema: Transcript Chat am 27.09.01 mit Alyssa Milano (1)   So Dez 30, 2007 11:27 pm

Ich hab einen Teil aus einem Chat, wo Alyssa ein mal mit ihren Fans chattete

*I_Luv_Cory_Milano*> Hey ALyssa, i really admire your peaceful thinking, can u tell us something about ur spiritual life?
Alyssa> My spiritual life is...the thing that keeps me whole. I was raised Catholic but I am more Hindu now. I think all religions are the same it's just what you can relate to more.
gjkkelso> Who are your favorite actors ?
shley> Who inspires you most as a performer?
Alyssa> Susan Sarandon
HeyOhOhHey> I've heard rumors going around about a Who's the Boss reunion movie/episode. What do you know about it?
Poncho> What do u think about the New York disaster?
Alyssa> No Who's The Boss reunion.
Jen_San Francisco> Did you happen to see Tony host the Miss America show last week?
DemolishMan> Do you like Rose ??
Alyssa> It's not just a N.Y. disaster it is an everywhere disaster. It's hard. I don't know how to feel besides sad.
layla> do you belive in magic?
Alyssa> Yes, I do like Rose very much.
Alyssa> I believe in everything.
Guest> As muppets go, who are you most like...Kermit or Tickle Me Elmo?
Alyssa> Miss Piggy!!!!!
hollyfanatik101> hi alyssa how are holly brian and julian doing?
Kent> What is your favorite dish your Mom makes you for diner?
Alyssa> They're great. We're doing some great work.
OUbrando> call me, 405-325-2569
Alyssa> Rolled spinach lasagna. Yummie!!!!!
Charming_girl> You changed lots of hair clors. What's your favorite?
Alyssa> It's busy.
Ashley> What are some of your favorite movies?
kitkate27> hey Alyssa, today is my birthday, so it would mean so so much to me if you could just say something like Happy would
mean so much to me!
marianompondy> when you feel depressed what things make you feel better ?
Alyssa> Happy Birthday.
Mike2001> Alyssa, are you working on any new movies?
Alyssa> My family, my friends and ice cream.
OUbrando> uhh... no its not. My dang room mate must have left the phone off the hook
Engineer> I like the princess leia look...did you ever think of doing a star wars film?
DemolishMan> Hows your relationship with Belthazor-Cole in real life ??
Alyssa> I'm starting a movie this weekend. It's an indy called "Kiss The Bride."
Guest> Holy crap! Am I in the Live Chat with Alyssa?
lilcutiepie> ahh ive got a good question... do u ever lurk on your safesearching board?
Alyssa> All the time. I am watching you!!!!
KellyStewart> Big Sister is watching:)
Alyssa> I would love to do a Star Wars film!!!! Help me Obe One your my only hope.
CharmedChick> Are you getting a new power this season? If yes can you tell us what is it? =)
charmed_i'm_sure> CANADA AND I LOVE ALYSSA
charmed_i'm_sure> CANADA AND I LOVE ALYSSA
AlyssaFan> How doing your mother Lin??? ALyssa
Alyssa> I love Canada.
Alyssa> Mommy's fine. I love her.
The Powers That Be> What is the most important thing to you?
CJHeart> OK lin lin it's lin! whooohooo
lauren> do you own any pets?
Alyssa> Hi C.J.
Alyssa> Family. Love. Peace.
the charmed one> what is you fav movie youve done??
Henry> alyssa where are you from?
Alyssa> I have two dogs, three cats, and seven horses. That's alot of poop.
woogyman?> Why another Tattoo?
AlyssaMilanoFan1> oh yea! I just got a new puppy and I named her PHOEBE!
Alyssa> Why not?
charmingjulian> What is your favorite candy Alyssa?
Alyssa> I got a new puppy too his name is Stanley.
Whitney> what kind of tatoo was it?
badbone> How many tatoo's do you have now?
yoyoyo> She wont answer me Sad
Alyssa> Ourobous, It's the ancient symbol for totality and rebirth and my fav dessert are cookies, ice cream, m&m's, fudge, etc.
Imagine> OMG i swear this computer is being thrown away tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the charmed one> lyssa, what is youer fav movie youve done??
Alyssa> Hey yoyoyo, what's your question?
keith> are you going to be on Leno soon
yoyoyo> just sa something to her
Alyssa> Hugo Pool. Don't throw your computer away.
yoyoyo> ill send it to her
Kent> Stipko is lucky to have his mug next to your pretty face!
Alyssa> yoyoyo? Are you out there?The season opener is next week.
kendall> alyssa will you marry me?
4eva_charmed> if it's not too personal, how are things with Brian?
gjkkelso> Do u like being on all the best looking lists ?
Alyssa> Where's my ring?
Alyssa> Things with Brian are amazing!!!!
Mr.smiley> Do you mind that I call your Mom "Momma Milano"
4eva_charmed> what ring?
Engineer> what kind of men are you attracted to?> Why isn't Brian her chatting??
kendall> What kind of ring would you like?
Alyssa> Intelligent, funny and sensitive.
The Powers That Be> ** Hands his gorgeous prospective wife her $1,000,000 ring **
Biba> What was the last movie you saw????
KellyStewart> Alyssa, What question would you most like to ask us?
Alyssa> Shrek.
briankrause> Alyssa what do you want for your bithday
Alyssa> What is your favorite thing about Charmed. The action, comedy, etc?
LyssieGirl> Hey Lyss! What's your fave band?
Alyssa> Remy Zero of course.
briankrause> what up with ricky
Kilsaris> What do you prefer pants or skirt???
briankrause> skirts
Biba> I love all your Datesaver pictures... they are totally amazing.... You look pretty in all of them....
briankrause> yes
Alyssa> Thank you.
Phoebe> Are you going back to brunnett, or is that just the lighting in the room
Paulo> Alyssa!!! Smile In real life, would you rather date an angel or a demon?
Alyssa> Brunette.
Scott> Any plans on a visit to Canada? Newfoundland preferably.
chelino1> Would you ever date a fan?
Zoe> Alyssa, what's your favorite broadway musical?
Alyssa> Annie of course.
briankrause> do you think Stanley is lonely
Deborah> my daughter is a big fan of yours and the show, she has liked you since seeing you on Who's the Boss with Tony Danza.
Alyssa> Thank you!!!!!
CaptainPicard> Whtas the weather like in california?
Kent> Is Stanley poddy trained yet?
Alyssa> Hot, too hot.
phoebe#1fan> I think that you and Brian are the cutest cupple.
Alyssa> Kinda.
briankrause> he pooped in my car
Piper Mary Cherry Milano> What kinds of books do you like to read, Alyssa?
DemolishMan> Your smile is beautiful !
Joseph Wagnon> How old is Stanley?
briankrause> stanley is four and a half in dog years
Stacey> Alyssa please say hi 2 me coz i am a big fan of urs but im gonna have 2 go soon Sad
Alyssa> I love Kurt Vonnegut. I am reading the Qa'ran right now.
Kent> That was funny Brian! I appreciate the laugh!
chelino1> If you could do somehting else, instead of acting. what would it be
IWantSomeGum> How do we know it's really you, Alyssa? Say something that only you would say.
Alyssa> Chinese doctor. You ask great questions.
blackicegal> Hey Brian. If you're smart, you'll ask Alyssa to marry you by Christmas
chelino1> Thank you
airvato> Why the Qaran?
charmed1461> Alyssa what is your faovirte word to say?
Alyssa> I wanted to know more about Islam.
kitkate27> how is your trailor decorated? both yours and brians?
Alyssa> My fav word is synchronicity.
briankrause> Christmas, this year? I don't know if I can wait that long
OUbrando> can you wave at me, its my birthday (next week)
LoUiGi> You're a lucky man Brian
evelien> What is Brain Kruase There?
Alyssa> It looks like a cozy library.
Zoe> hey brian, i think you're hot.
alyssa is fine!!!> where r u ticklish?
airvato> Can you blow me a kiss. I'm in the Army and I'm leaing Saturday.
Alyssa> Everywhere.
Imagine> Do you like Spiders?
Alyssa> Where are you going? Army guy?
OUbrando> im going to the gulf, (they wont tell me anymore than that)
briankrause> hi it is I. Trying to type. Thankyou all for watching the show and being great supporters of the most talented and beautiful women in t.v. history.
robfromnv> Alyssa, why are u such a tough nut to crack?
Liz> What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Alyssa> You be safe and know that I will have you in my heart. Write me when you get there.
Alyssa> Breakfast this morning? Cereal.
Alyssa> Did you get my kiss?
Sky> G'day Alyssa, Suspiria a friend of mine wished to know why you chose to make the Movie 'Embrace of a Vampire' I think she called it?
CaptainPicard> Do you like Anime?
Flea> What's the last CD you bought?????
Alyssa> The Golden Hum. I't's Remy Zero's new album.
Sarah> Alyssa, it took me all week to come up with this question. Are you happy with the cole/phoebe story?
Sean> Alyssa,how did you handle all the negativity about the show?did it really bring you down?
Alyssa> Yes, I think the Cole, Phoebe story is great.
Alyssa_is_very_Special> I have a migrain and no one cares =(
Alyssa> I care.
Alyssa> Yes, it brought me down. I'm only human silly.
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Transcript Chat am 27.09.01 mit Alyssa Milano (1)
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