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BeitragThema: Transcript Chat am 27.09.01 mit Alyssa Milano(2)   So Dez 30, 2007 11:30 pm

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Imissdan> Is Phoebe going to get a car this season?
Kent> How many children do you want to have?
Alyssa> I want Phoebe to get a Vespa.
Alyssa> I don't know but I do know I want to adopt a bunch.
LiL V303> Alyssa, do u have any quick advise for a slacker in school?
Giancarlo_j> Alyssa I take a lot of time and you have not wanted to answer me
Guest> jordon a wizard
chamilaed> Hello!!!!!!! I just get in...
Alyssa> Don't be a slacker!!!!
Kent> How much is a bunch? 10 or more?
Alyssa> Maybe.
Rodrigo Halliwell> I don't like Cole, I want Phoebe with Leo
briankrause> me too
WOLFLIKE> Will you be on Spin City again?
sweep> fun e brian
Pokecharmed> I like Cole. I think he's hot.
Hadar> My biggest dream is to be an actress. Any tips?
Alyssa> I would love to do Spin City again.
evelien> Hey there's brian again/Brain can you wave at me!!!PLAESE!!!
KellyStewart> Where is the best place to visit in USA?
Alyssa> New York.
kendall> do you think david spade is cute?
realcharmed1> RAISES HAND!!
briankrause> yes is there anything you would like me to answer
princess_kt> are you and brian getting serious
Alyssa> In that weird, funny, guy way.
Alyssa> Go ahead realcharmed1.
charmedgirl> Do you golf, Brian?
chamilaed> Are you still singing in anything?
Alyssa> Yes, he does, and so do I.
briankrause> What's goin on Tabatha
Alyssa> Just in the shower.
realcharmed1> lol
KellyStewart> Alyssa, what is your handicapp?(golf)
CaptainPicard> Alyssa will you ever do sTAR tREK mOVIE?
realcharmed1> are u a good kisser??
Alyssa> I don't have one yet. But I can hit me driver over 2 hundred yards.
Alyssa> Only if I can be a cyborg.
briankrause> small dark little hole with a bathroom and a mirror
Whitney> Is Buying The Cow ever going to come out??
HiggBeMe> There are no cyborgs in star trek!
Alyssa> I think so. It's tied up in litigation.
*I_Luv_Cory_Milano*> Alyssa, Do you see cory much?, if so, tell him i luv him ;o)
Alyssa> Opps. You know the hot alien chicks.
Chris> Alyssa, could you please give a hello to my bud Gino who is your biggest fan?
Alyssa> Cory and I live together.
Piper Mary Cherry Milano> CAN'T RAISE HAND MUCH LONGER....
Alyssa> Yes, pmcm?
Giancarlo_j> apologize if my English is not very good
briankrause> Hi pixie hope things are well!
Alyssa> It's O.K. neither is mine.
airvato> I thought this was your chat. Who is thie BK guy?> Brian, you're my role model for acting!!
Stay seatedbandt001.
Imissdan> Brian you were such a jerk in the Return to Cabin by the Lake. Did you enjoy the change in character?
Amanda Lynn13> If you only accomplished one thing in your life, what would you want it to be?
Alyssa> If I were a tree I'd be a weeping willow.
briankrause> Yes I loved my role in Cabin by the lake. it's nice to mix it up
Lori> do you have a middle name Alyssa?
Alyssa> My middle name is Jayne.
Amanda2121> how many tatts do u have
briankrause> December was one of my favorite movies I have done
Alyssa> I have seven tats.
TechMan68132> Do they make you hide them for tv?
CaptainPicard> Would you ever work with Patrick Stewar?
Lori> Brian do you have any tattoos?
Alyssa> They only cover up the one on my back.
briankrause> My favorite movie is Braveheart
Alyssa> He's a wussy!!!!!!
briankrause> no tattoos of yet
briankrause> am not
Alyssa> Are too.
briankrause> stop it
Amanda2121> can u have Brian show his face my other sis doesn't know how he is
Whitney> there he is!
charmingjulian> Stick your tongue out Brian!
Chicky> you're cute brian!!!
CharmedByMahBoos> i see him!!
kyle> you have the cutest belly button
Alyssa> My favorite old movie is It's A Wonderful Life.
Zoe> hi Brian! *waves*
kristin> VERY CUTE!!
PoisonLily> i love you briannnnnnnn
robfromnv> Brain is making the men mad
Argentina_17> WHere Was Your First KiSS???
Alyssa> With Brian or in general.
chamilaed> Hello?? anybody home????
Richard> alyssa where are you from?
Poncho> with Brian!!
Hadar> What was the date of your first date? I wanna put it in my diary!
Alyssa> On a street corner in the rain.
Alyssa> I am from N.Y. but I moved here to L.A. when I was 11.
KellyStewart> What starsign are you? and do you believe in horoscopes?
Alyssa> They can't see past the noses on their faces.
evelien> Brooklyn ROCK's!!!
Stacey> which do u prefer NY or LA?
hollyfanatik101> and brian one word to describe alyssa
Alyssa> I am a Sag. I do believe in horoscopes.
KellyStewart> and what starsign are you Brian?
briankrause> perfection
Alyssa> I am crying now.
Kent> Do you mesh well with Pieces?
briankrause> aquarian
Alyssa> My first boyfriend was a pisces.
Hadar> I'm crying for a long time
HiggBeMe> Will you be my date to the senior prom?
Keith> Is Dorian Gregory a funny guy to work with?
Alyssa> Dorian has the best laugh.
Amanda Lynn13> Are you and Holly really close?
Alyssa> I never got to go to my prom. No one asked me.
robfromnv> Alyssa, did you ever like the New Kids On the Block?
Alyssa> Yes, I love her.
charmingjulian> Is Brad Kern nice to you?
SJT> Could you tell us something about what life looks like through your eyes? Thanks Alyssa
Peruvian Fan> Alyssa, do you still get to see Greg Vaughan?
Dan> Have you ever gotten 'star struck' meeting other celebrities?
Alyssa> I love Brad Kern.
Alyssa> I haven't seen Greg for a while.
Flea> Who is your favorite director????
Alyssa> I always get star struck.
briankrause> Michael Bailey Smith is one of the nicest guys I ever met. Very talented,
Whitney> What's the hardest part about filming Charmed?
Immy> Did Brian get star struck when he first met you??
Fridda> Alyssa if you wasn't a celebrety what Would you be ???
JoeY> alyssa, are you a vegetarian?
Lori> Brian did you ever watch whos the boss?
Alyssa> Nope I have meatballs every Sunday.
KellyStewart> Who would you most like to meet (dead or alive)?
Hadar> Do you like to cook?
Alyssa> John Lennon.
briankrause> I think all of America watched Who's the Boss
Alyssa> I love to bake.
Flea> JohnLennon rocks!!
hollyfanatik101> who is the better cook
Poncho> Brian what do u think about Rose?? do u like her??
HiggBeMe> Do you realize I should be studying right now, but instead I am looking at the most beautiful woman alive.
Poncho> Brian what do u think about Rose?? do u like her??
Alyssa> You better study I like smart guys.
Peruvian Fan> what's the best present anyone can give you?
Happymeat> Alyssa, do you feel weird watching yourself on tv?
briankrause> Return to the Blue Lagoon was amazing and life changing experience. The time I spent in Fiji was invaluble.
Alyssa> Friendship.
evelien> Do you ever watch any of you're own shows?(Alyssa or Brian)I can really recomend them,you guys are good actors
dpman> Alyssa please I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP I've waited so long
Alyssa> What's the matter?
Hadar> What's your fave part in your body?
monina17> i want to see a kiss between you and brian!!!!!!! little kiss, i think you 2 look cute together!!!!!
Alyssa> Why don't you ask Brian that question?
dpman> @my school
Hadar> me?
Alyssa> what's wrong with your school?
OUbrando> Which pic of you would you have me post next to my bunk when I ship out? Is there anyway I could have it signed?
Joseph Wagnon> How did you learn how to type?
admin> 5 MINUTES GANG !!! Sad
Alyssa> I am the worst typer. I use four fingers.
Peruvian Fan> what's the most amazin place you've ever been to?
Alyssa> South Africa.
OUbrando> Which pic of you would you have me post next to my bunk when I ship out? Is there anyway I could have it signed?
admin> OU Bando, please dont flood. ok?
Alyssa> The one from T.V. guide where I am wearing the American flag top!!!!!!!
Valerie23> who's your best friend?
CharmedByMahBoos> alyssa, can you wave?
Alyssa> My best friend is Alaa Khaled.
Kissman> Your favorite drink??
Sunshine> Would you stay here all night chattign with us if you could?
Alyssa> Diet Coke.
AJM> Is it hard to keep friendships alive in that business?
Alyssa> Yes.
CharmedByMahBoos> alyssa, do you love your fans?
charmedgirl> Yes friendships or yes chat?
Hadar> Where so you see yourself 10 years from now?
Alyssa> More than you know.
Alyssa> Both.
Alyssa> Old.
Immy> How many close friends do you have?
Alyssa> Four.
Alyssa> O.k. I gotta go you guys. I just want to say thank you for being sweet. Stay safe. Light and love. Peace.
admin> Alyssa is signing off now, but asked if we would leave this special chat window open. So here ya go!
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Transcript Chat am 27.09.01 mit Alyssa Milano(2)
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