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Alyssa Milano talks about Charmed changes

I could introduce this latest interview by recounting all of Alyssa Milano's accomplishments over the years from her start in Annie, her musical accomplishments in Japan, the number of "most beautiful lists" on which she has been named to her prolific television and theatrical career. However, such accomplishments have been documents time and time again. Instead, I wanted to focus on Alyssa's current project, Charmed, and her continuing commitment to that show and its fans. So I finally caught up with Alyssa in her trailer as she waited for her next scene:

Obviously Charmed will be different this year with the departure of Shannen Doherty, do you think Charmed will go in a different direction this year?

I think Charmed will have to go in a different direction this year because the dynamics have shifted. Phoebe is no longer the youngest she has become the middle child.

Rose McGowan will certainly bring new energy to Charmed, but how will Phoebe react to having a new sister?

I think at first Phoebe is hesitant but then realizes it is the only way to reconstitute the "Charmed Ones". She considers it a challenge to teach Paige all the different aspects of being a good witch and eventually accepts her as a sister and a sister witch.

What can the fan expect Rose to bring to the series?

I think Rose will bring an edge to the series.

Has Rose been subject to any special hazing rituals as the new actor on the series?

Not specifically, but doing all the greenscreen work and stunts is a whole new thing for her. That stuff alone can be a bit torturous.

With the departure of her older sister, how do you see Phoebe growing this year?

Well, again she is now the middle sister. She looks at Paige and can relate to everything that Paige is going through. Phoebe will try to guide Paige the way Prue tried to guide Phoebe. Phoebe is forced to take on more responsibility within the family unit.

How do you think Phoebe will react to the loss of Prue?

I think Phoebe is deeply affected by the loss of Prue and perhaps feels like part of her is gone too. In the first episode Phoebe is a bit in denial and focuses on other things to get her mind off of Prue's death. She finally does break down and then decides that life does go on and that Prue wouldn't want her to mourn for the rest of her life and that she must continue to protect the innocent.

Phoebe has always been the laid back sister, do you think the tragedy will result in her becoming more responsible and getting a job?

In the third episode of the season she goes for a job interview and doesn't get the job because she can't explain why she needs flexible hours to the boss. Phoebe can't very well tell her it's to fight demons and save innocent people.

What does it feel like to be on all those "most beautiful," "most sexy" lists?

If they only knew that every night I go home and put on pimple medicine and sleep in rubber ducky flannel pajama's.

I know you are becoming quite a golf fanatic, which would you rather do: win an Emmy or hit a hole in one?

Hole in one. Golf is much less political.

Your career has been very multimedia with your television shows, movies, music and Internet work, what does the future hold for you?

I have no idea! That's the beauty of life!

Yours from Hollywood, The Hollywood Skinny.

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A charming Interview
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