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# Kaley dated Ashlee Simpson's ex-boyfriend Josh Henderson
# Was nominated in 2000 Young Artist Award for Best Young Actress/Performance in a Miniseries/Made-For-TV Film for: Growing Up Brady.
# Was nominated in 1993 Young Artist Award for Best Young Actress in a Cable Movie for: Quicksand: No Escape
# She drinks a lot of coffee.
# She takes a kickboxing or a spinning class three times a week.
# Kaley use to get a lot of speeding tickets and it was a year long process to get them taken off her record.
# She got a new cat(breed unknown) it lives with her in her apartment as her new roommate
# She is currently single at the moment.
# She has dated Joel David Moore, he plays in the movie Dodgeball
# Kaley has a little tattoo on her back near her bum(where britney spears has hers). It means faith.
# Kaley did a movie with Tony Danza as his teenage daughter in a detective pilot that never aired.
# Kaley Cuoco won the Teen Choice Award for Breakout Actress of 2003
# Appeared onstage in community theater productions of "Fiddler on the Roof" and "Annie."
# Kaley got both of her dogs from the pound.
# Loves to bowl
# did 6 barbie commercials when she was younger
# She hated school, she went to a private school with only 300 people.
# She has her own place in San Fernando Vally
# Kaley is an avid tennis player, who used to consistently rank well in Southern California Tennis Association standings as a member of a regional amateur division team.
# Kaley's First job was modeling, she started when she was around 6 years old
# She has been homeschooled since seventh grade
# Kaley Keeps sentimental stuff next to her bed, like a photo of her and her grandfather and the book Shakespeare on Love, a gift from her boyfriend, actor Kevin Zegers. "We are the corniest people in the world!" says Kaley
# She loves horseback riding "Horseback riding is my passion. Other then work," says Kaley. "People can't imagine me getting dirty, but that's what I love about it."
# Kaley has a thing for SpongeBob. Who lives alongside her Ugg boots, which she also loves "They're so comfortable, and i can wear them with jeans or skirts"
# Most of the clothes in Kaley's closet she doesn't even wear.
# Kaley's got an eye for bargains. "I totally decorated my bathroom myself. Know where I got all my stuff? Target!"
# Kaley bangs away on her drums to relive stress. "Just 10 minutes of it and i become a different person."
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